Video: Unwrapping Santa Monica’s New Bike Counter

December 21, 2016 Santa Monica Mayor Ted Winterer, City Manager Rick Cole, Councilmembers Kevin McKeown and Pam O’Connor, along with Mobility and Transportation Manger Francie Stefan, Santa Monica Spoke, Climate Action Santa Monica, Breeze Bike Share, the City of Santa Monica Mobility Division and the community welcomed a new real-time bike counter to Main Street. It is not only a symbol of Santa Monica’s commitment to multimodal and it’s support of people who bike — it will provide important data by tallying each cyclist riding in the Main Street bike lanes daily and annually in real-time. This real time data will be added to the City’s bi-annual bike counts that help inform as we build out a more bikeable Santa Monica.
The reverse side includes wayfinding information to make navigating the city more convenient.

Today is #CarFreeFriday — if you bike — go get counted!

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