HIT & RUN ALERT: Cyclist Assaulted by Black Lexus GS 470

Wednesday the 17th, a cyclist on Colorado Ave was seemingly intentionally rear-ended by a black Lexus GS 470 SUV driven by an African-American male. While their bike is damaged, the cyclist is thankfully doing ok.

The police were called but unfortunately the license plate number was incorrect and the motorist is still at large.

It’s a popular vehicle in the area but please be on the lookout for a black Lexus GS 470 SUV with possible front end damage. Below is a reference photo of what it may look like:

For reference only, NOT ACTUAL VEHICLE!

Reference - Not Actual Vehicle

If you have any info be safe and call the Santa Monica Police Dispatch at 310.458.8491 and let them deal with it.

3 thoughts on “HIT & RUN ALERT: Cyclist Assaulted by Black Lexus GS 470

  1. joni

    i ride on colorado all the time… any idea what time it happened, just in case that vehicle travels that street at around the same time every day?

  2. Sgt. McLaughlin

    The accident occurred at appoximately 330 pm in the 300 block of Colorado Avenue. The PD was able to obtain the suspect vehicle information, including license plate, and is working on follow up as we speak. Thank you for your assistance.


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