Stories about why you ride, share yours too

To our community of Cyclists from People for bikes: Please check out the stories – they are uplifting and truly an inspiration. If you haven’t – consider sharing your story!

When launched in 2010, they created a place for you to share your story about why you ride. Since then, thousands of you have contributed to the story gallery, telling the world why bicycling matters to you.

Many people think of bicycling as a fun way to get exercise, but these stories show that it is far more than a simple activity. Simply put, bicycling changes lives.

Through bicycling, you’ve conquered life-threatening health problems like diabetes, obesity, and substance abuse. You’ve met the loves of your lives and rekindled broken relationships with close family. You’ve explored new places, near and far, and have seen things you never would have otherwise.

We think bicycling is an amazing and powerful activity that changes lives. If enough of us ride, we can change the world.

How has bicycling changed your life? Share your story here.

Thanks for being a part of our movement,

Bruno Maier
Vice President,

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