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Pedicab Certification Classes


Welcome to Santa Monica Pedicab Certification Training 

Course Information: Please read all the information.
Classes are held monthly, bi-monthly or based on demand.

Upcoming classes open for enrollment in 2019:
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To enroll please use the form below to sign up or to get notifications of future classes.

November /December poll coming depending on interest
OCTOBER poll HERE – no class scheduled
SEPTEMBER: Wednesday, September 18th
AUGUST: Tuesday, August 20th
JULY: Wednesday, July 3rd
MAY: Friday, May 17th
APRIL: Wednesday, April 17th
MARCH: No Class

FEBRUARY: Friday, February 8th

Time: 8:45am (start time may be adjusted)
Fee: $50.00 – Specially scheduled classes may be different pricing
Duration: APPROX 4 hours
Enroll or get added to list for notifications of upcoming classes by using the form below,
– provide feedback on scheduling dates i.e. weekend or weekdays preferred.

Classes are based on the League of American Bicyclists curriculum and taught by a League Certified instructor (LCI). The classroom portion will be held indoors while the road skills portion is outdoors, on street and on location. You will need a standard bicycle and helmet for the class (not a pedicab).

Classes will generally be scheduled monthly, bi-monthly or on an as needed basis. The class offered is a comprehensive bicycle safety course aimed specifically for pedicab driver certification with the goal that operators leave with the skills and knowledge to operate safely in urban traffic. Covered but not limited to are cyclists rights and responsibilities, California Vehicle Code for bicyclist and pedicabs, predictable safe riding techniques, fitting helmets properly, hidden dangers, crash statistics, types and diversion techniques.
To facilitate the initial licensing process, classes will be held “as often as needed” while the program is beginning (2013).

Please note: classes that don’t have a sufficient number of students may be canceled or rescheduled. 

If you are an owner operator simply email with the name of your company (if any) and that you are ready to sign up for the training. Please indicate which class you would like to attend. If no classes are currently open for enrollment we will notify you as soon as dates are chosen.

If you are an individual working for a company please email with the name of the company that hired you or you plan to work for and the date and time of the class you would like to attend. If no classes are currently open for enrollment we will notify you as soon as dates are chosen.

We will do our best to schedule your training as soon as possible.

Please send inquires or questions to:
Cynthia Rose
LCI #3247

For more information on the Pedicab Permit process and requirements click this link to Pedicab Permits
– You may also cut and paste this link into your browser:

SEPTEMBER: Thursday, September 13TH
AUGUST: Friday August 24TH
JULY: Tuesday, July 17TH
JUNE: Tuesday, June 26TH
JUNE: Friday, June 1ST
APRIL: Tuesday, APRIL 19TH
FEBRUARY: Wednesday, February 14th

NOVEMBER: Thursday, November 30th
NOVEMBER: Thursday, November 2nd
OCTOBER: Wednesday October 25th
SEPTEMBER: Tuesday, September 19th
SEPTEMBER: Thursday, September 14th
AUGUST: Friday, August 18th
JULY: Saturday, July 22nd
JULY Thursday July 20th
MAY: Thursday, May 11th
APRIL: Wednesday April 19th
MARCH: Friday, March 24th

OCTOBER: Tuesday, October 25th

JULY: Friday July 8th
APRIL: Friday, April 29th 
MARCH: Wednesday, March 30th 

SEPTEMBER: Postponed
JULY: Wednesday, July 29th
JULY: Tuesday, July 21st –
MAY: Thursday, May 27 
APRIL: Friday, April 17th
JANUARY: Thursday, January 22nd

2014 Classes
DECEMBER: none scheduled
NOVEMBER: Tuesday, November 25th
OCTOBER: Tuesday, October 7th
SEPTEMBER: Wednesday, September 24th
AUGUST – Wednesday, August 27th
JULY – Wednesday, July 30th
JUNE – Sunday, 29th – CANCELLED
JUNE – Wednesday, June 25th
MAY – Sunday, May 18th
APRIL – Friday, April 25th
MARCH – Sunday, March 30th
FEBRUARY –  Sunday, February 23rd