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Lots of new and exciting things are happening within Santa Monica Spoke.  At our last meeting, May 26th we selected a committee that will function as our “board of directors“.  It is aptly named the Steering Committee and consists of 8 members who will guide the direction of the group and its committees with the input of its members and the community on the mission of making Santa Monica a better, safer, bikeable community for all!   The Steering Committee members are Bryan Beretta, Dr. Michael Cahn, Barbara Filet, Gary Kavanagh, Richard McKinnon, Mihai Peteu, Scott Reiter and Cynthia Rose. It will be my pleasure to introduce this team to you in upcomming anouncements and at our next meeting which will hopefully be scheduled for Wednesday June 16th.  Please note we are still finallizing details with location and time so stay tuned.

Final meeting place and time will be posted here and on Facebook.  Please spead the word, we would love to see you there as we roll up our sleeves and embark on this adventure together.

Cynthia Rose

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Santa Monica Spoke NEWS

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