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Santa Monica BBB Integration with Expo: Community Workshops

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Expo Integration Community Workshops

Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus (BBB) recently kicked off the Expo Integration Study, an evaluation of potential connections to Metro Rail Expo Line Phase 2 stations scheduled to open in 2016. As part of the study, BBB is hosting a series of community workshops.
Integrating bikes on buses should be an importation part of this equation as it increases our mobility and helps by extending our range at either end of a trip with multi modal connections / options with bikes, busses & Expo light rail.
The workshops will address bus connections to Expo Line stations as well as the design of the Big Blue Bus network generally. Service to Santa Monica, the Westside, UCLA, SMC and other destinations will be discussed.
BBB would like to invite you to the community workshops on:
Tuesday, February 11; 6-8pm
Virginia Avenue Park, Thelma Terry Center
2200 Virginia Ave.
Santa Monica
Ride BBB Route 7 or Rapid 7.
Parking available onsite and surrounding streets.
Wednesday, February 12; 6-8pm
Civic Auditorium, East Wing
1855 Main St.
Santa Monica
Ride BBB Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, Rapid 3, Rapid 7 or Rapid 10.
Parking available at Civic Center Lot.
Thursday, February 13; 6-8pm
Vista Del Mar Family Services, Gymnasium
3200 Motor Ave.
Los Angeles
Parking available onsite.
The same information will be presented at each meeting.
Download a copy of community workshops flier here.
These venues are ADA-accessible. Disability and translation accommodation requests should be made at least three days prior to the meetings by calling 424.257.0922.
Ride Blue. Go Green.

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Memorial Park Neighborhood Plan Workshop

Community Workshop: Memorial Park Neighborhood Plan

The City of Santa Monica invites you to attend COMMUNITY WORKSHOP #2 for the Memorial Park Neighborhood Plan. Share your ideas about the area around the future 17th Street Expo Light Rail Station and Memorial Park. Amount some of the important items that will be discussed are the potential neighborhood uses, open space, parking, circulation.

DATE:        Thursday, January 16tH
TIME:        6:30PM – 9:30PM
WHERE:    Civic Center, East Wing, 1855 Main Street, Santa Monica

Participate now by taking a short survey at: click here for survey 
Or copy and paste this linkL

Help create great walkable bikeable communities that support active & public transportation
Let’s get ready for the EXPO light rail!



Tonight: Parker Dusseau Launch at Bike Effect

Tuesday December 10th, 6:30-9:30pm
Bike Effect, 910 Broadway, Santa Monica

Join us tonight!

FREE BIKE VALET Provided by Santa Monica Spoke & Bike Effect
FREE Parker Dusseau gift for first 50 that arrive by bike
Percentage of proceeds benefit Santa Monica Spoke

Event Partners:
Bike Effect, Parker DusseauHubert’s Lemonade, Lagunitas Brewing Co & Santa Monica Spoke

Join the Facebook event here


Presentation and Feedback on MANGo, Meeting Dec 9th, 7pm

Community EventSecond opportunity on a presentation of the initial results from the MANGo POP-UP Greenway!

Additionally your support and input is needed to balance efforts of a small yet vocal group from within the Pico Neighborhood Assoc. who are attempting to derail efforts to any experiment of traffic diversion. The input collected from mostly residents during MANGo supports traffic diversion by 55%. It would seem inappropriate to not even entertain this option that received so much support. Traffic diversion is widely accepted as a excellent tool to reduce traffic volumes, congestion and pollution on neighborhood streets and can be accomplished with minimal disruption to those that live in the area. If the neighborhood is willing to accept diversion as a tool (as is indicated in the MANGo results) to help eliminate cut through traffic and move toward having safer healthier streets with less traffic it should at minimum be allowed to be implemented as a test.

Place: Virginia Avenue Park, 2200 Virginia Avenue
Day: Monday, December 9, 2013
Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm
host: Jason Kligier, AICP | Transportation Planning Associate

Diverters restrict auto access in order to reduce cut-through traffic. They can allow bicyclists full access. Diversion may be necessary if we are to lower traffic counts on Michigan, between 11th and Lincoln, from an outrageous 4200+ cars per day to the more neighborhood scaled 1,000 or less cars per day. With less than 1,000 cars per day, pedestrians, most people on bicycles, including children, can comfortably share the road and result in a quieter, safer and healthier neighborhood.

Santa Monica city staff will present an update on the Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway. The project will enhance Michigan Avenue and nearby streets to become a safe walk/bike route to the beach for this neighborhood and the community.

Community Event   Community Event

Films from the Sept. 21 MANGo Pop-Up Street event:

Many more miles of BETTER BIKE LANES, Yes please!

People for Bikes
More miles of better bike lanes.Across the U.S., better bike lanes are hitting the ground. The new designs create dedicated, protected space on streets for people on bikes. The lanes use posts, parked cars, planters or curbs to make bicycling more comfortable for more people.

Momentum for these lanes has been growing: New York City started building them in 2008, Chicago has built 17 miles of protected lanes in the last two years, Atlanta installed its first this year, Memphis has pledged to build 15 miles in the next two years, and Omaha and Lincoln are in a race to be the first city in Nebraska to get one.

Protected bike lanes are on the rise.

Early in 2012, PeopleForBikes launched the Green Lane Project to champion these innovative facilities. Why? Because they turn a busy street into a place where more people are comfortable riding. Protected bike lanes help remove barriers that dissuade people from hopping on a bike to visit friends, get to school or work, or cruise to the neighborhood frozen yogurt place. That’s good news for everyone—whether you are seasoned rider or new to bicycling.

Our strategy to promote protected bike lanes has two main components: Raising awareness about them and getting them on the ground. In early 2012, we selected six cities that were poised to make a lot of progress: Austin, Chicago, Memphis, Portland OR, San Francisco and Washington DC. We provided them with grants, technical and strategic support, and a good dose of inspiration. And they’ve made huge progress. About half of the new lanes built in the last two years are in these six cities. The effort worked so well, we’re doing it again. We just opened the application process for Green Lane Project 2. We’ll select six new cities in early 2014, and help them make progress.

Are you hearing about protected bike lanes in your community? Join the conversation on our website or Facebook page.

-The PeopleForBikes team

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© 2013 People for Bikes. All rights reserved.

Do you want to ride in this Sunday’s Los Angeles River Ride, Free?

Do you want to ride in this Sunday’s Los Angeles River Ride – for FREE?! Do you someone else who might?
LACBC’S local chapters Santa Monica Spoke & Walk Bike Glendale won the LACBC local chapters new member challenge so we got 4 passes to give away!,
We add that to the pass that Scott Sing bought and donated to to the member challenge, plus Bryan and I are donating our passes and that makes 7 total!!
New member Lucas Capra was the winner of the pass in our drawing, that leaves 6 more up for grabs!

Ride in this Sunday’s LA RIVER RIDE FOR FREE: 6 rides to choose from & kids are always FREE!

We don’t want them to go to waste, Come out and play with LACBC, Santa Monica Spoke and all our local Chapters this Sunday for a great day of cycling fun, Eco Expo, raffle, live music, and food. Bryan and I will be at the Autry all day, in our chapter booth and hanging out! Must be LACBC member or join to qualify for free pass.
reply to this thread for pass
More info on the LA River Ride on our website

The L.A. River Ride is the signature event of Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, the only non-profit organization representing the over 3 million bicyclists in L.A. County, working county-wide to improve conditions for bicyclists while building community life in the area.
Your participation makes a significant contribution to LACBC’s efforts to complete the L.A. River Bikeway from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach, and to make bicycling safe and enjoyable for everyone. The river ride also benefits : Eliya and Moms In Motion.
Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” H.G. Wells

BAP update: New Buffered Bike Lanes going in on Montana Ave!

Yes it’s True!

If you have been on Montana in the last few days you may have noticed some of the lane markings on the new pavement for bike lanes. Not just bike lanes, but Buffered Bike Lanes like the ones that went in on Bicknell Ave, east of Main Street this past March.

Bicknell Buffered Lanes, East off Main St. (So. of Pico)

Chalk lines went in to line out the markings, and although they might not be exciting to some – I think this group may find them an exciting and beautiful sight indeed! Unlike the lanes on Bicknell Ave that connect a two block stretch between Main St. and 4th, the lanes on Montana will ultimately go from Ocean Ave to 17th Street and intersect with several north/south bike facilities now in place. Coupled with the current repaving project on Montana we should see paint laid down for the buffered lanes on Montana Ave. from 7th to 17th sometime middle of next week, current schedule is for Tuesday night.


The lane configuration between 7th and 17th Streets will be:
7′ parking lane,
7’ buffered bike lane (3’ door zone buffer like Bicknell),
11’ vehicle lane,
10’ center left turn lane.



For the segment between Ocean Ave and 7th we are told to ignore the current chalk markings the city put in last December as they have adopted a better course of action in the following design configuration:
7’ parking lane,
7’ buffered bike lane, (as above)
10’ vehicle lane.

Although the city is attempting to coordinate the striping of this portion between Ocean Ave and 7th with the repaving and striping from 7th to 17th it is not likely that this portion will happen next week.

With this project there are a few trouble spots. One is at 7th St. where there are left turn pockets on Montana Ave.  The remaining available road area narrows so there is no room at 7th Street to continue the buffered lanes up to and through this intersection. The challenge here will be how to direct cyclist through this intersection clearly and safely. Sharrows? The city is currently working on design configurations to get through the “pinch” at 7th where the road narrows with the addition of the left turn pockets. The second is east of 17th where the road is currently too narrow for bike lanes. We have suggested and heard discussion of sharrows from 17th to 26th but currently do not know if that is the final plan.

We look forward to updating you with paint on the street, what designs the engineers are concidering at the intersection at 7th – and what will be done at the east end of Montana, east of 17th.

Happy Riding!!

Remember you can still send your ideas and suggestions for Bike Action Plan implementation, for this or any areas of the city to


Happy 1st National Bike to School Day!

When you see the “bike trains” and “walking school buses” as neighborhood kids and parents come together on the way to and from school, it’s also clear that walking and biking to school strengthens communities.

That’s why the National Center for Safe Routes to School is so important. Through the Center’s efforts,more than 12,000 school communities have worked to make bicycling and walking to school safer and more appealing.

The National Center for Safe Routes to School, in partnership with the League of American Bicyclists, is pleased to be organizing the first-ever National Bike to School Day on May 9, 2012. Let the bike bells ring!

The inaugural National Bike to School Day will be the first opportunity for communities across the country to join together to bicycle to school on the same day. The event builds on the excitement surrounding National Bike Month, as well as the popularity of Walk to School Day, coordinated by the National Center for Safe Routes to School every October.

The event is coordinated by the Federal Highway Administration’s National Center for Safe Routes to School, and they’ve done a terrific job because–although it’s just the first year–more than 700 schools in 49 states and the District of Columbia are participating.  As Safe Routes director Lauren Marchetti said, “We knew there was support for a spring bike to school day. We couldn’t be more pleased with how many communities and families are coming together to promote biking to school on this one day.”

Bike to School Day event registration was free and available to individuals and/or organizations planning a 2012 Bike to School Day event in the United States. Events that registered at appear on the site as “Bike to School Day Pioneers.”

The success of this first-ever National Bike to School Day illustrates that communities across the country understand the need to provide students with healthy options for getting to and from school.

Of course, the rest of us can help by being good “Roll Models,” which means demonstrating safe behavior whether we’re walking, biking, or driving. You can learn more about NHTSA’s Roll Model partnership with AAA at NHTSA’s Parents’ Central website.

Many thanks to the local Safe Routes coordinators across the country. I look forward to seeing this terrific program expand to even more schools next year and in the years to come.

In a press release we received today from Bike It /Walk it you can see the dates on more events in Santa Monica.