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September Handlebar Happy Hour: Border Grill

boarder-grillThis Month Handlebar Happy Hour : Border Grill!

End of every month we like to get together for fun, and to celebrate all things bike.bike_local_sticker
Always fun, always family friendly!
Socialize, talk bikes, give input ….
We’ll be treated to some specials

DAY:     Thursday
DATE:   September 29th
TIME:    5:30pm -7pm (HH $)
PLACE:  Boarder Grill Santa Monica
1445 4th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Celebrate #BikeLocal SM, our Buy Local SM businesses, happy hour + new friends at these free monthly events!  Learn about upcoming local bike events + find out about SM Spoke…and meet some of our Buy Local SM businesses.  Eat Local, Drink Local, Buy Local AND Bike Local SM!

This month, we’re excited to visit our “Too Hot Tamales” and Master Chef Champions + to celebrate a Buy Local SM institution.  To view the Happy Hour specials >

As always our Handlebar Happy Hours are a Family Friendly Events. Come one and all!

#HBHH #BikeLocalSM #BikeSM #SMSpoke #DrinkLocalSM #EatLocalSM

Kidical Mass(ive) Global Family Ride THIS SATURDAY!

Please let us know if you are coming.

Help us keep our ride safe and fun!

Saturday, September 17th
Clover Park, 25th @ Oak (west side of park)


Join us for the 2nd Annual Kidical Mass(ive)!  The largest global family bike ride EVER!! Join us as thousands of families around the world go for a bike ride together. We’ll be showing that cities that plan for family biking are more livable, sustainable, profitable, and FUN!

9::00am – 12:00pm

– Check-in, Morning Snacks, Bike Safety Checks, Helmet Decorating

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Futuristic Look at Sea Level Rise

Owl on the PierSanta Monica Pier’s Newest Viewfinder to Offer a Futuristic Look at Sea Level Rise

Launching September 19, the City will be deploying a virtual reality viewfinder on the north side of the pier (west of Bubba Gump). This device, known as Owl, will provide viewers an opportunity to experience Santa Monica’s beach under future scenarios with sea level rise and coastal flooding.

The installation, led by the Office of Sustainability and the Environment and the Planning & Community Development Department, will be available for two months.

For more information, please visit

Kidical Mass(ive) Global Family Bike Ride: September 17th!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.16.01 PM

2nd Annual KIDICAL MASS(IVE): Global Family Bike Ride

Help us keep our ride safe and fun!
Please let us know you are coming.

Saturday, September 17th
Clover Park, 25th @ Oak (west side of park)


Join us for the 2nd Annual Kidical Mass(ive)!  The largest global family bike ride EVER!! Join us as thousands of families around the world go for a bike ride together. We’ll be showing that cities that plan for family biking are more livable, sustainable, profitable, and FUN!

You too can make a ride in your community happen; register your community and start planning your event now.

9::00am – 12:00pm

– Check-in, Morning Snacks, Bike Safety Checks, Helmet Decorating

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* Children must be accompanied and are the responsibility of their parents. Bikes should be in good working condition. Free Safety Checks on site for minor adjustments/repairs. Please use good judgement – ride is on city streets – smaller children should be in a child seat, in a trailer or Tag-a-long……

Don’t have a bike –
You can #RideBreeze!

Don’t have a Kid Carrying Bike? NOT  A PROBLEM !sm_bike_center
Special 20% discount on Rentals at the Santa Monica Bike Center. You can find special Kid carrying cargo bikes, kid seats, trailers, tandems, tag-a-longs!! Anything you could need at a 20% discount for rentals) – Please reserve online and write “Kidical Mass” in the special requirements section of the reservation – 20% discount will be applied at check out! Reserve early and plan to pick up bikes Saturday morning in time to arrive at the event.

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BUY LOCAL Health & Fitness FESTIVAL 2016


The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce presents the BUY LOCAL Health & Fitness FESTIVAL 2016 on Saturday, September 10th from 11:00am-4:00pm celebrating the services and products of Santa Monica businesses locals and visitors at the Civic Center Surface Area. Local businesses and non-profits gather at the festival to provide expertise, advice, and product samples promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle for the entire Santa Monica community. Stores and restaurants from every neighborhood will have food and vendor booths.

Kids Bike Skills Course and win a Cruiser Bike!

We will again host a Bike Rodeo – Kids Skills course with our City partners / Safe Routes to School. Additionally we will be giving away a few Beach Cruisers – enter to win by signing the Buy Local #BikeLocal Challenge to “Shop Local by Bike”!
The BIKE area will also have some super cool new special attendees: Warbler Coffee Bike Cart and maybe even Moma’s Pops!

Enjoy food and all kinds of vendors, lots of give-a-ways and meet your neighbors. Visit interactive booths featuring friendly therapy dogs and take charge of improving your total health with blood pressure screenings, health education and body mass index readings. Build your own disaster kit with the Santa Monica Red Cross and learn about CPR and pet First Aid.

This free event brings together our local businesses, services and non-profits for a fun filled day while raising awareness about the economic, environmental and community benefits of thinking local first.

Event cost/ tickets: Free to the public
Parking Info : Lots of Parking at Civic Center Lots

Bike Friendly Community Status Update: Survey

Santa Monica – A Silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community –
Let’s aim for Platinum!

If you’re like so many of us in Santa Monica, you ride your bike around town for commuting to work or school, heading out for a meal, shopping and daily errands, or just to enjoy a great day in the sun experiencing and engaging with our community. Santa Monica is ranked as a Silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. With our support the City has recently re-applied to earn a higher ranking highlighting the improvements and just how far we’ve come in the past few years. We celebrate the continued build-out of our bike network and the Michigan Avenue Greenway MANGo, the launch of Breeze – LA County’s first Bike Share system, the arrival of Expo light rail, the Expo line bike path and the opening of the Colorado Esplanade protected bike lanes, MORE GREEN LANES, new protected bike lane on the California Incline offering yet another new bike connection to the beach, and so much more!

With the adoption of broader community input and as part of the vetting process, the League is soliciting comments about biking in Santa Monica via this online survey:  Please join us and take a moment and fill it out! The survey closes on September 15, 2016 at Midnight Pacific Time.


unnamed-1The City of Santa Monica received its first designation in May of 2010 with Bronze Level and a Silver Level Bike Friendly Community designation in May 2013. REPORT CARD from 2016. We  have TWELVE Bike Friendly Businesses out of 97 for the entire state, plus Santa Monica College one of only 14 Bike Friendly Universities in the state.  Bike League BFS /BFC

Let’s aim for Platinum. Give your input and help us continue the momentum for an even more bikeable, walkable community!

See how California ranks HERE


Grand Reopening: California Incline

With New Bike Lanes!

Want to come celebrate the opening of the new California Incline on Thursday, Sept. 1? Here’s what you need to know: The City is having a press conference and banner break at 9 a.m. followed by FOUR hours of fun.

All are invited to come walk or bike the Incline and take in the sweeping views of the coastline from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be light refreshments, a historic photo exhibit and photo booth, DJ music, and #SMPLattheBeach (really #SMPLontheIncline). We hope to see you there!

California Incline Grand Opening

August Handlebar Happy Hour: Gilbert’s El Indio, August 31st

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.46.56 PM

End of every month we like to get together for fun, and to celebrate all things bike.bike_local_sticker
Always fun, always family friendly!
Socialize, talk bikes, give input ….
We’ll be treated to some specials
•  $12 Pitchers of Margaritas
•  $ 5 food menu items

DAY:     Wednesday
DATE:   August 31st
TIME:    5:30pm -7pm (HH $)
PLACE:  Gilbert’s, El Indio
2526 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405,
On the patio – lock up out front or welcome to bring your bike in!

Established in Santa Monica in 1974 Gilbert’s El Indio is casual, friendly, Mexican Restaurant + Bar that feels like home. They are a Buy Local Business

Think Santa Monica First
….  Buy “Bike” Local

Bike Local, Buy Local – Eat/shop/play local by bicycle!  It’s fun, healthy and good for the environment.  Join us for our monthly Handlebar Happy Hour events (generally the last week of the month, check the Calendar!) organized in partnership with Buy Local SM to help showcase our BLSM businesses and the joy of bicycling!

For every $10 spent at a Santa Monica business, as much as $7 stays in the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditure (Civic Economics, 2008).  Spending locally ensures that your sales taxes are reinvested right here in Santa Monica.
Check out the Top 10 reasons to Buy Local 

Closer to the goal of Airport2Park!

sm-logoOn Tuesday Night (August 24, 2016) The Santa Monica City Council passed a unanimous resolution “To close Santa Monica Airport as soon as legally possible and begin planing for a park.” This is a historic announcement that sets Santa Monica on a clear path that will eventually remove the barbed wire fences and depave the airport tarmac and which will open up the 180 acres (now used exclusively by jets and planes) to walkers, joggers and bicyclists who will will be able to enjoy a park that will be open to serve everyone.

Also significant in this City Council resolution is direction to the City Manager to immediately minimize the current harmful impacts of aviation use by having the city take over the “Fixed Base Services” and evict private Fixed Base Operator jet companies; remove the “Western Parcel” to shorten the runway to remove larger jets and to end the sale of toxic lead fuel. Council member Gleam Davis also gave direction to staff to start the EIR and NEPA planning ASAP so when the airport is finally closed, the project to create a new park would be “shovel ready.”

Given all of this great news, the process to close the airport and build a park will not happen overnight. There are two important court cases that must be heard in Federal Court which will clarify our rights of the city regarding this land, but we now have a clear roadmap of civic steps that will eventually lead to a more sustainable future.

For official Santa Monica City statement:

August 6th: Airport2Park: Santa Monica Airport Walk

Guest post: Airport2Park



Have you ever walked all around the perimeter of Santa Monica Airport?  Have you ever even visited Santa Monica Airport?  In both cases the answer is probably no. If you have visited there, it was probably not to use the aviation facilities and it was probably not for the pedestrian enhancements of which, there are presently very few.

Nevertheless, last week Santa Monica Spoke joined and  to examine the environmental impacts of the airport, look at pedestrian infrastructure and to explore the movement to replace the airport with a grand park accessible to everyone.

We met on a beautiful overcast morning in the southwest corner of Clover Park where a chain link fence with a “No Trespassing” sign separates the airport runway and the park. After a few introductory words we were off, stopping just a few yards later at our first stop was near one of two children’s playgrounds that backs up to the Airport. It is a pretty surprising location for a playground and a preschool given that the private planes at Santa Monica Airport still use toxic lead aviation fuel which is fueled less than 25 feet away. Less than 50 yards away is an active jet runway and a IFR hold area for Runway 3 where jet aircraft idle and spew jet fumes and ultrafine particulate matter that people in the park and families in nearby homes breathe.

We continued east between the business park (which is the site of the original historic Clover Field) and the present airport, walking in the road as their were no sidewalks. We pass the new property that SnapChat has just leased and passed Atlantic Aviation which supplies services to visiting jet users, while we admired an abundance of Teslas, a rare 959 Porsche, and other exotic cars that graced their security parking lot.


Continuing east we tried to hug the airport as close as possible. We noted that there was a gated access road called Donald Douglas Loop that is only accessible to aviation users with a pass card. It provides access around the airport but not for pedestrians.




Considering that there are only two ways to traverse the south side of the airport for pedestrians (both of which are on busy streets), our group was very supportive of opening up that road to pedestrians which could be done by simply moving the AirportToPark_photo_by_Michael_Brodsky 2fence to the south side of the road, opening up access to those who might want a safe route to the park on the other side of the airport. We had our choice of walking through the parking lot in the business park or squeeze through a small drainage area which popped out near more hangers and the airport flight tower.
The group opted for the later. Here is where we found the infamous sign that shows NO bicycles, NO pedestrians but airplanes are OK.

At this stop is at the Pre-School located right next to the airport fence and just 50 yards from the another IFR hold area for jets waiting for Runway 21 where we could hear one already idling.


At the eastern end of the business park is where Centinela abruptly ends at the airport fence (It was truncated when the current runway was extended toward the end of WWII). We were now in Los Angeles and immediately could see the poor state of sidewalks compared to Santa Monica. We walked down to Ocean Park Blvd. and then south along Bundy Ave. where you can see the houses dangerously located just across the street from the end of the runway.

At the top of the hill, we turned onto Airport Ave and walked down through the Santa Monica Airport Park Dog Park full of dogs and owners and along the site of the new Airport Park Expansion. has been active in getting the city to remove 12 acres of airplane parking and convert the land into a new park that is currently being designed by Mark Rios who designed Grand Park in downtown LA.

We walked up to the Santa Monica Airport Administration Building observation deck which offered spectacular views of the Hollywood sign to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.
IMG_6294This is a view that few people get to enjoy. We discussed the momentum of the movement to close the airport and transform it into a grand park, that when completed, would be a third of the size of New York Central Park. From our vantage point, we could visualize the 160 acres ofconcrete – that is currently surrounded by barbed wired fence –  being returned to nature with miles of walking paths opened to everyone regardless of age, income or ability.

Excited about the possibility for the future, we continued back toward Clover Park, enjoying the conversation only to be interrupted by a jet blast off. It was the same one that we had observed perviously that sat idling noisily for 28 minutes. Next time, maybe we will just hear the birds…

The momentum to turn Santa Monica Airport into a park is propelled by the need to address important “quality of life” and “public access issues.” The community has an immediate need reduce the harmful health impacts of noise, ultrafine particulate pollution and the toxic lead caused by hosting a jetport right in the middle the neighborhoods of Sunset Park, Venice, Mar Vista and Westdale.


We also have the need to increase the public access to parks and open space that Santa Monican’s so desperately need. The city currently has only 1.39 acres of parkland per 1000 residents. This is just half the average of L.A. County and a quarter of that of the City of Los Angeles. It is the absolute lowest per comparable cities in California. Considering that only about 350 people per day actually fly out of the airport, it pales in comparison to the more than 2,000 daily users of just the adjacent Clover Park alone.

2014 Exercise Reimagining Santa Monica Airport, Part 1: Student Park Design Concepts

Here are the designs of USC graduate landscape architect students, Christopher Sison, Chen Liu, Zeek Magallanes and Yongdan Chunyu under the direction of internationally renowned landscape architect Aroussiak Gabrielian (FORGROUND Design) after taking a practical approach in choosing bicycles for the their site visit to Santa Monica Airport  after which they worked on a three month project to design a park to replace the Santa Monica Airport.

By walking around Santa Monica Airport it is not surprising to see that local community members are in sync with those who are now working together to make streets more walkable and livable. We are repurposing transportation infrastructure that no longer serves the community placemaking needs and aspirations. From San Francico to Madrid we have seen freeways removed to make plazas and from Chicago to Berlin, we are now seeing airports being replaced with parks.

For more information please visit:

Fun Events this Weekend


Family Cargo Bike Event: TEST RIDES

Test ride a wide variety of electric and traditional cargo bikes, enjoy tasty refreshments, and meet like-minded individuals while your kids enjoy a variety of arts, crafts and fun activities.


“Go Public” Ice Cream Ride

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!! It’s been very HOT recently so we thought what better way to cool off than to go on an ice cream bike ride. They’ll be stopping at THREE different creameries, each with their own unique spin

Go Public Ice Cream Ride


Stitch N’Bitch

The Bikerowave is seeking women-identified volunteers! Come check out the shop and sew with them — Reflective patches. T-shirt bags. Or bring your own project.

Venezuela OMG 5-7pm

Venezuela OMG blends upbeat Caribbean music with exotic folk rhythms from Venezuela, the northernmost tropical region of South America.

Get up and Move with the B. Dunn Movement/Dance and Theatre Company. All ages and levels are invited to join Brigette Dunn-Korpela and her team of dancers to discover your own moves to the beats of Venezuela OMG. Brigette Dunn-Korpela is the artistic director of the Los Angeles based B. Dunn Movement/Dance and Theatre Company and is a dance educator, choreographer and performing artist.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.06.18 AM