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Environmental review exemption for Bike Lanes: you can help

Environmental review exemption for bike lanes goes to Senate

Pending a vote by the California Senate later this month, Gov. Jerry Brown

will have the opportunity to sign legislation that will speed up bike lane projects throughout the state.

Assembly Bill 2245, authored by Santa Clarita Assemblymember Cameron Smyth, would exempt all bike lane projects throughout the state from environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act. We see this bill as a positive step in addressing the auto-oriented nature of CEQA, which has in the past stifled worthy bike lane projects that could help make bicycling safer, easier and more inviting to a larger share of Californians.

CEQA currently requires a review for any project that may have a significant environmental impact. While bike lanes making no change to the configuration of roadways are currently exempt from CEQA, the removal of a vehicle travel lane or street parking to accommodate a bike lane triggers CEQA review when traffic impacts reach a certain threshold.

CEQA review for bike lanes can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to complete, often costing more than the actual project on the ground. These timelines and costs deter many cities from the robust implementation of needed and necessary bike networks.

Instead of a cumbersome CEQA process, AB 2245 requires cities and counties to prepare a traffic and safety study of the proposed bike lane project, conduct public hearings to discuss the project’s impact, and file CEQA-exemption notices with the state Office of Planning & Research as well as the County Clerk. AB 2245 essentially requires cities to examine the same environmental impacts for bike lane projects as under CEQA, but in a much more streamlined and cost-effective fashion. Bike lane projects that languish in the environmental review process for up to two years could gain local clearance and exemption in a matter of months under AB 2245.

We’re thrilled about what this bill’s passage could mean for the timely and efficient implementation of bike lanes throughout the state and we urge both the Senate and the Governor’s Office to enact this legislation. To show your support for the bill, contact your state senator today.

From: California Bike Coalition

Assembly approves 3-foot passing bill: but we are not there yet!

Assembly approves 3-foot passing bill

On Monday, Aug. 27 the California Assembly approved the three-foot passing bill by a 54-24 vote after a raucous debate that took nearly 30 minutes.

Next steps for Senate Bill 1464 include a vote — largely procedural — in the Senate to formally concur with the technical amendments made to the bill by the Assembly. Then SB 1464 goes to the Governor for his signature, probably right after Labor Day.

In the previous 10 days we joined thousands of bike-friendly Californians who urged their Assemblymembers to approve SB 1464. Many thanks to our allies at Transform for helping generate such a big response.

We remember last year when we thought we were close to Victory with SB 910, but the bill was vetoed by Gov. Brown! This current bill continues to enjoy strong support from bike advocacy organizations, bicycling clubs, bike manufacturers and retailers, and environmental and safety advocates, as well as thousands of bike-friendly individuals, with none of the organized opposition that fought SB 910, last year’s three-foot passing bill. Based on Gov. Brown’s comments following his veto of SB 910, we’re optimistic that he plans to sign this one.

But the job isn’t finished until then, so we’ll continue publicizing the bill and soliciting support from individuals, organizations and businesses. To do this, we’re grateful for support from California bicycling legend Gary Fisher for the fundraising campaign to help carry California Bike Coalition through this final push and beyond. If you value their work to make California more bike-friendly, please consider donating.

Dinner & Bikes (& Cupcakes) 2012

We are so excited to announce that once again

Portland comes to Santa Monica

Dinner & Bikes (& Cupcakes) 2012

Friday, September 14th

502 Colorado, Santa Monica
Doors open a 6pm, Planning lots of fun stuff to do!
Dinner bell rings at 7pm
Details soon on afternoon bike ride!

*New Presentation by nationally recognized writer on cycling Elly Blue of Taking the Lane” on the economic benefits of bicycle transportation for local economies.
*View extended film excerpt of Aftermass, an origin story of Portland’s bicycle culture and infrastructure & a new short film “One Less Truck” a heartwarming tale about a classic car mechanic turned on to cargo biking by documentarian and founder of Microcosm Publishing Joe Biel
*Gourmet vegan dinner prepared by Traveling Celebrity Vegan Chef Josh Ploeg
and AWESOME VEGAN CUPCAKES baked again by Santa Monica Spoke’s Director Cynthia Rose

PLUS Prize drawings and Door Prizes!

Click here to RSVP – give number with names of who will attend
Stay tuned for updates
last years event was AWESOME!!

Biking and Health: How bikes provide answers

Disclaimer: Although this info graphic was used for less than ideal internet fishing – it is still a nice graphic of comparing biking to driving  (although a slightly outdated)
Even those that uncovered the scam were quoted to say “— but it’s a well-assembled collection of facts”
The original offending link has been disabled  – So don’t follow the links at the bottom of the image and if you like just enjoy the statistics in the graphics pictured  ….

The 3 groups remain separate with Affirmed Shared Goals

alliance logoleague logo

For Immediate Release

Alliance for Biking & Walking: Jeff Miller, 202-449-9692
League of American Bicyclists: Andy Clarke, 202-822-1333
Bikes Belong: Tim Blumenthal, 303-449-4893


Aug. 16, 2012 After months of steady dialogue and face-to-face meetings, the leaders of the Alliance for Biking & WalkingBikes Belong and League of American Bicyclists have decided not to pursue full unification at this time. The three groups continue to operate independently, in close collaboration, to make bicycling safer and more enjoyable for all Americans.

These unprecedented unification discussions were marked by goodwill and an open exchange of ideas. They helped U.S. bike advocacy leaders agree on a shared vision, goals and strategies that will advance the movement and improve bicycling coast to coast.
The three groups continue to work together and have committed to achieving the following benchmark goals by 2020:

1. The nationwide percentage of trips made by bike will increase to five percent (from one percent in 2012), and the diversity of people on bikes will mirror the diversity of America;
2. Traffic injuries and fatalities (in all modes) will decrease by 50 percent;
3. Half of all Americans will have front-door access to a bicycling network that will take them to destinations within two miles exclusively on low-stress streets, lanes, and trails–protected from high-speed traffic.

The League and Alliance are developing plans to help state and local advocates get the most out of MAP-21, the new, two-year federal transportation bill, and will work with Bikes Belong on this, and other projects. Bikes Belong has initiated a strategic discovery process to review its overall goals and to refine its focus, and is engaging the League and Alliance to help shape its future direction.

The leaders of all three groups began the unification discussion fully aware of the challenges of blending unique legal structures, membership bases, project priorities, and headquarters locations. While these talks didn’t produce a merger, the groups will continue to work together to engage, represent and connect the many different elements of the bicycling movement. They will focus on federal, state, and local projects that best improve bike infrastructure and safety in the United States.

Tour da Arts, vol.4 – THIS SUNDAY!

Tour da Arts vol 4 Header

Cause for Creativity: Tour da Arts, vol. 4
Sunday, August 19, 12 – 6 pm

Beat the pump, cycle the town, and enjoy  Santa Monica’s sights and sounds withCause for Creativity: Tour da Arts. The Santa Monica Museum of Art’s fourth annual event takes place Sunday, August 19. Tour da Arts underscores the creative side of bike culture and takes you on a ride filled with music, dance, and art.

Supporting a Bicycle Leader in Need: Shay from C.I.C.L.E.

In support of one of our own. Please help us support Shay Sanchez in her fight with Lupus. All of us who bike in Los Angeles owe a certain debt to Shay for her dedication and vision to safe human-powered mobility, made accessible for people of all ability levels. Shay, you are in our hearts – your legacy lives strong!
Now it’s our turn to help.

Mark Your Calendars: August 9th, Night of Streetfilms to Benefit Shay Sanchez

On Thursday, August 9th, (starting at 7:00pm) join us for a night of Streetfilms, tacos and good company as we raise funds for the Kick Butt and Get Better Fund to benefit our friend Shay Sanchez at the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop (3304 N Figueroa Street.) The event is brought to you by L.A. Streetsblog and Bike Nation. All proceeds from the door, t-shirts, food and raffle will benefit the fund. more & FB event

If you can’t make it, you can donate directly, right here:

from our friends at C.I.C.L.E.


Dear C.I.C.L.E.ists and Bike Community Friends,

Shay in 2011, with the assistance of a wheelchair, leads an event called Walk & Roll. An equivalent to Urban Expeditions for people with limited mobility. While fighting her illness she is still on two wheels helping people.

I am writing to ask for support for Shay Shanchez, the founder of C.I.C.L.E.  Those of us who knew Shay during her tenure, remember her for the love and compassion she effortlessly shared.  For those who do not know Shay, she selflessly worked to improve the community and touched people’s lives by setting them free with human-powered mobility.  Shay built C.I.C.L.E. into a thriving organization with passionate dedication, often putting in much of her personal time and resources.  Due to Shay’s long-term struggle with Lupus, she designed an innovative approach to bicycle transportation that made biking accessible for people of all ability levels – a legacy that C.I.C.L.E. continues today.

Shay has been suffering quietly for the past three years.  She has had several brushes with death and has permanently lost her mobility due to Lupus Vasculitis.  If Shay has personally, or through her organization, touched your life, I ask you to consider making a contribution to herpersonal Kick Butt and Get Better Fund.  Shay and her partner have incurred and are facing heavy costs to improve her quality of life.  C.I.C.L.E. is also planning a community bicycle event for Shay in October.  More details will be included in the e-newsletter.  Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and donation consideration.

Dan Dabek
Executive Director, C.I.C.L.E.


More About Shay

An iconic picture of Shay in 2008


Shay Wiessler Sanchez was a vibrant and spunky 39 year old, who founded and was at the helm of her own growing and influential nonprofit organization. But in 2009, her life took a horrible, and life-threatening turn for the worse. Her decade-long struggle with Lupus manifested into an aggressive form of vasculitis. Her immune system suddenly decided to attack her own arteries and blood vessels.

In order to heal, Shay was forced to quit her position at her nonprofit, C.I.C.L.E., and immediately embark upon an aggressive treatment program. Working with renowned UCLA Rheumatologist Dr. Bevra Hahn, Shay commenced a daily regimen of immunosuppressant agents, including chemotherapy, in order to put a halt to the rapidly progressing disease and maintain a fighting chance.

For the past two years, she has struggled to gain control over this potentially deadly disease. With a careful and strategic medical  strategy, her team of doctors have managed to bring Shay into a relatively stable condition. But the aggressive pharmaceutical protocol took an unfortunate toll on her body. The treatments, in conjunction with the disease, have left her wheelchair bound, in pain and unable to independently care for herself.  Recently, Shay has partially lost her ability to swallow and breath on her own while sleeping.  Doctors believe that the cause is Myasthenia Gravis (MG), which is linked to autoimmune diseases like Lupus.  Unfortunately, her situation continues to ebb and flow and the threat of relapse constantly looms – lupus vasculitis is a remitting and relapsing disease with no cure.

This continued and prolonged fight for Shay’s health has delivered a significant financial blow to Shay and her partner. Shay currently requires new rounds of medical treatment and a continued high level of medical care. Additional financial support from the community is readily needed to improve her drastically reduced quality of life and provide healthcare equipment and services not provide by insurance.

The Shay’s Kick Butt and Get Better Fund was launched to provide assistance with this fight — so that Shay can finally kick this beast in the belly, and get the support that she needs in order to gain a second chance with a relatively good quality of life.

Performance Better Bicycling Community’ Grants Winner …….. Santa Monica Spoke

 For Immediate Release

alliance logo





Performance Bicycle® Announces its
‘Better Bicycling Community’ Grants Winners

Nation’s Largest Independent Cycling Retailer Awards
10 Local Communities With $3,000 Grants

CHAPEL HILL, NC – (Aug. 1, 2012) – In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, Performance Bicycle has awarded $30,000 in Better Bicycling Community Grants. Ten advocacy organizations around the country received $3,000 to support local efforts to boost the accessibility of bicycling in communities where there are Performance stores. The grants are administered in collaboration with the Alliance for Biking & Walking.

“It was a tough decision to narrow it down to 10 recipients,” said Performance Bicycle Chief Executive Officer David Pruitt. “We want to thank all the terrific organizations dedicated to making cycling more accessible. Each one is a vital part of their community and we appreciate their hard work and commitment.”

The ten organizations that will receive a Better Bicycling Community grant are spread across the country. Each will involve the community and will work with their local Performance store to achieve their grant goals. . The funded campaigns are as follows:

Bike Austin (Austin, Texas): North MoPac Bike Highway Commuter Route Campaign

Bike Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland): Bicycle Friendly Maryland Campaign

Bike Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah): CiSLClovia – Open Streets Initiative

Carrboro Bicycle Coalition (Chapel Hill, North Carolina): Chapel Hill – Carrboro Open Streets Initiative

Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation (Seattle, Washington): Advocacy Leadership Institute

Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization (Westerville, Ohio): Rejuvenation of Alum Creek Phase 1 Campaign

Community Bikes (Charlottesville, Virginia): Charlottesville Open Streets Initiative

East Bay Bicycle Coalition (Oakland, California): Yes on Measure B Campaign

Living Streets Alliance (Tucson, Arizona): Kidical Mass Tucson 2013 Campaign

Santa Monica Spoke (Santa Monica, California): Community Outreach for Better Biking in Santa Monica

To read more on all the wonderful projects see the full Press Release – HERE

Thank you Performance Bicycle and the Alliance for Biking & Walking. We are very excited to have been selected for this grant that will support our community. These funds will support our outreach and implementation efforts for Santa Monica’s Bicycle Action Plan projects, specifically The Michigan Avenue Greenway and Broadway Bicycle Boulevard.


About Performance Bicycle®:
Performance Bicycle® is the No. 1 specialty bicycle retailer in the U.S. and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Performance Inc. Performance provides a multi-channel cycling retail experience that spans more than 100 stores nationwide, and, all catering to both the avid cycling enthusiast and the recreational rider. Performance Inc. is majority owned by North Castle Partners of Greenwich, Conn.

About the Alliance for Biking & Walking:
The Alliance for Biking & Walking is the coalition of more than 200 state and local bicycle and pedestrian organizations working together to promote bicycling and walking in North American communities. To learn more about the Alliance, visit


Tour da Arts vol. 4 at SMMoA: Registration NOW OPEN!

Tour da Arts vol 4 Header

Cause for Creativity: Tour da Arts, vol. 4
Sunday, August 19, 12 – 6 pm

Beat the pump, cycle the town, and enjoy Santa Monica’s sights and sounds withCause for Creativity: Tour da Arts. The Santa Monica Museum of Art’s fourth annual event takes place Sunday, August 19. Tour da Arts underscores the creative side of bike culture and takes you on a ride filled with music, dance, and art.

Bike tour and festivities are FREE.
 Registration is required.
Art Reflector Workshop Admission: $5 non-members; FREE for SMMoA members
Activities are open to all ages. Space is limited.
3 lil piggies
What to bring: A bike in good running order. Sunscreen, water bottle recommended. Anyone under 18 must wear a helmet and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under 9 should be on a tag-along, bike trailer, tandem, or other safe child-carrying device.

Bike rentals: FREE bike rentals while supplies last! Reservations available in the registration form

Tour da Arts schedule: Noon – 6:pm


Noon – 2 pm: Festival, check-in, art workshop, food, innovative bikes, and more!Start at  SMMoA:
Stop 1
(begin and end your tour here at SMMoA)

* Tours of SMMoA’s current exhibitions: Mickalene Thomas: Origin of the Universe and
Park Studio: Complex Elements

* Shopping: Dog Days of Summer sale at GRACIE, SMMoA’s gift shop

* Art Reflector Workshop: Build an original reflector spoke card for your bike. FREE for SMMoA members; $5 for non-members

* Bike Advocacy: Learn fun and safe biking tips from Santa Monica Spoke/Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, CicLAvia, Clif/Luna Bar/Clif Kids, LA Metro, and C.I.C.L.E.

* Bike Tune-up: Get a complimentary bike tune-up from Bikerowave, LA’s volunteer-run community bike repair shop, and Luna Chix, a women’s cycling advocacy team with Clif Bar

* Free Bike Rental: Courtesy of Perry’s Café and Bike Rentals. Reservations required. First come, first reserved. Reservations available in the registration form.

* Food and Drink: Enjoy delicious options from Peddler’s Creamery, Valentino’s Taco Truck, and Sunny Blue, ONE Coconut Water, Clif/Luna Bar, Whole Foods Market Santa Monica, and IZZE

* Innovative Bikes on Display: View one-of-a-kind bikes, including Carole Frances Lung’s (aka Frau Fiber) Collaborative Bicycle Powered Sewing Machine Bike, the Peddler’s Creamery Ice Cream Bike, with ice cream for sale, the Santa Monica Beach Barcycle, iZip hybrid electric bikes, and more!

2 – 6 pm: Cultural bike tour. We leave SMMoA by bike and ride to the following stops

2:30 – 3:30 pm: Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club

* Old-time string trio Triple Chicken Foot with Square Dancing called by Maggie Lind

4:15 – 5:15 pm: John Adams Middle School Auditorium

The Matchbox Puppet Shows by world-renowned raconteur Laura Heit

5:30 – 6:00 pm: Return to SMMoA

* Popwagon’s mobile art and theater space performance by Dirt Bird, a folk-meets-classical music duo.

6:00 pm: End of event

For information, visit
Join Today Large Button
Become a SMMoA member today!
Congratulations to Alison Guh, winner of SMMoA’s Bike Critter Art Contest! Guh’s drawing is the mascot for Tour da Arts, vol. 4.
Tour da Arts vol 4 Sponsor logosCause for Creativity: Tour da Arts, vol. 4 is made possible in part by the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts 
Commission, the Eileen Harris Norton Foundation, and Los Angeles County 
Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.Event Partners: