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During recent negotiations on a new transportation bill, the House of Representatives proposed drastic cuts that would hurt bicycling. Their plan would allow states to take federal transportation funds that make roads safer for bicycling and divert them to other uses, without any input from communities like yours.

This means local communities could miss out on the important benefits of bicycling, like reduced road congestion, increased safety, and lower health care costs. It could hurt your bike riding experience, too.

This House initiative threatens to scrap 20 years of steady Congressional support for modest, cost-effective investments that make bicycling a safe transportation choice for Americans. It is a bad idea that must be stopped.

Please contact your two U.S. Senators and one U.S. Representative today. (You can find your representatives, review basic suggested text for your email, and send your note directly from this link above.) Urge them to back the Senate’s sensible proposal (learn more here) to assure the participation of local government leaders in key transportation decisions about bicycling.



Thank you for speaking up to protect bicycling,

Tim Blumenthal

Do you want to ride in this Sunday’s Los Angeles River Ride, Free?

Do you want to ride in this Sunday’s Los Angeles River Ride – for FREE?! Do you someone else who might?
LACBC’S local chapters Santa Monica Spoke & Walk Bike Glendale won the LACBC local chapters new member challenge so we got 4 passes to give away!,
We add that to the pass that Scott Sing bought and donated to to the member challenge, plus Bryan and I are donating our passes and that makes 7 total!!
New member Lucas Capra was the winner of the pass in our drawing, that leaves 6 more up for grabs!

Ride in this Sunday’s LA RIVER RIDE FOR FREE: 6 rides to choose from & kids are always FREE!

We don’t want them to go to waste, Come out and play with LACBC, Santa Monica Spoke and all our local Chapters this Sunday for a great day of cycling fun, Eco Expo, raffle, live music, and food. Bryan and I will be at the Autry all day, in our chapter booth and hanging out! Must be LACBC member or join to qualify for free pass.
reply to this thread for pass
More info on the LA River Ride on our website

The L.A. River Ride is the signature event of Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, the only non-profit organization representing the over 3 million bicyclists in L.A. County, working county-wide to improve conditions for bicyclists while building community life in the area.
Your participation makes a significant contribution to LACBC’s efforts to complete the L.A. River Bikeway from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach, and to make bicycling safe and enjoyable for everyone. The river ride also benefits : Eliya and Moms In Motion.
Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” H.G. Wells

Santa Monica Spoke meeting, with special presentation 6/11

Santa Monica Spoke is excited to host Paul Casey, from big blue bus at our meeting this Monday evening at 7pm for a talk on European Bikeways. Arrive at 6:30 and join us for a social meet and greet where we can chat and catch up!

When:  Monday June 11th
When    6:30pm
Where:  Colorado Room, 502 Colorado Ave. (5th & Colorado) – bike parking on the patio


European Bikeways
Sustainable Urban Transportation &
Integrated Land Use,
Latest Innovations from Sweden

At 7:15 Paul will give a presentation on his trip last year to Sweden where he studied how the Swedish have managed to dramatically increase the number of people walking, biking and taking public transportation. With Americans finally making the shift from the drive everywhere suburban lifestyle of the latter 20th Century and now realizing the results in the obesity epidemic, congested streets, and unhealthy air. Meanwhile we are still demolishing historic structures and bulldozing habitats for parking lots all while we are said to have the highest rate of pedestrian deaths in the developed world. Paul’s focus was a studying in practical design and engineering solutions that make walking, bicycling and public transit so convenient and safe that residents of central cities have switched over to these means rather than the car for most of their local trips and errands.

Paul documented innovative transportation projects and large scale urban developments oriented towards
sustainable transportation. Some of the solutions he documented are metropolitan in scale,
while others are at the neighborhood and even block level of impact. Paul hopes his presentation can serve as a catalyst for further thought, discussion and action.
Join us!


Support LACBC and
log those trips at 2-Mile Challenge
For each trip logged Cliff Bar donates $1 to LACBC
up to $10.000! 



Bike Night at the HAMMER: TONIGHT

Yippeeee! It’s tonight!

We will lead an easy paced ride to Bike Night at the Hammer, We will meet at the Santa Monica Bike Center (2nd & Colorado) at 6:15m and plan to roll out at 6:30pm. We’ll travel east on Broadway to west LA if you want to pick us up in route. Complete routes are linked below. You will also find links for the return if you would like to save it to your phone or print it for your ride home.

Please wear helmets and do not forget to bring lights as it will be dark on the way home. Always a good idea to have spare tube and/or patch kit.



Bike Night at the Hammer Thursday June 7

3 Routes to the HAMMER from Santa Monica: Mix and match to meet your desires. We will select a route based on the number and skill of our group.

Santa Monica BC to the HAMMER .pdf map
Return to SM  .pdf map
(no Westwood Blvd)

Santa Monica BC to the HAMMER .pdf map
Return to SM  .pdf map
(with Westwood Blvd)

Santa Monica BC to the HAMMER  .pdf map
Return to SM .pdf map
(no left off SM blvd)

We’ll keep you updated on our Twitter



Support LACBC and
log those trips at 2-Mile Challenge
For each trip logged Cliff Bar donates $1 to LACBC
up to $10.000!