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Response to Culver City Collision: Petition

PETITION: A demand for Fair Traffic Investigations and a Commitment to Safe Streets.

See Petition HERE

Over the last week Ted Rogers (BikingInLA) was involved with a very broad spectrum of L.A. cyclists in developing a response to the recent Culver City collision that left 11 cyclists injured, and which the LAPD preliminarily blamed on the riders for stopping in the roadway to regroup, even though eyewitness testimony suggested the driver was intoxicated, speeding and texting at the time of the collision.

He sent this petition to us and we signed on for Santa Monica Spoke.  They are accepting individual signatures — and in fact, collected over 500 at last week’s Critical Mass ride —
The full statement will be released at a press conference to follow at City Hall on Thursday.
If you would like your name added to the list click here to send an email.  Please include your name and city – I will forward all the names to be added to the list.

Great Meeting last night!

More complete post on last nights meeting soon
this from Spokes  Barbara Filet

SMPD Sgt. Thomas McLaughlin, our new Police Bike Liaison, and Lucy Dyke, Deputy Director, were our honored guests last night at the Spoke public meeting. Both were appointed by their bosses to focus on bicyclists. The meeting was well attended and we were favorably impressed with Thomas, our new police ambassador and Lucy was also enthusiastic and engaged, telling us about her work planning for bikes. Thomas is doing a lot of research to find best practices for police relations with bicyclists, such as the ticket diversion program in Huntington Beach, where bicyclists and pedestrians can take classes instead of paying huge fines.


Thank you Lucy and Thomas.

Contact info for Stg. Thomas McLaughlin, Thomas.McLaughlin@SMGOV.NET


REPORT: Main Street Task Force Meeting, 6/16

Click image for full LADOT .pdf presentation

RE: Santa Monica Main Street Bike Lane extension into Venice (LA)

A task force was formed by the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) to review and make a recommendation about the proposal to extend the bike lanes on Main St. from the Santa Monica border south to the Windward Circle.  This proposal was presented to the VNC several months ago and they directed it to one of their committees.  Unfortunately, the designated committee has been too busy to hear the item so a task force was formed to review it.  The item will then go before the full VNC Board for their recommendation.

The Task Force held a public meeting Thursday, June 16, 6PM at the Westchester field office.  LADOT and BAC representative Kent Strumpell made a presentation.

REPORT: Kent Strumpell, City of LA Bicycle Advisory Committee, CD 11 representative

Main Street Task Force recommends supporting bike lanes for Venice

A task force made up of appointees chosen by the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) and Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s office
met to review the proposal for adding bike lanes to Main Street.   The bike lanes would essentially mimic the existing lanes on Main Street in Santa Monica and continue them from the Santa Monica border south to the Windward Circle.  The lanes in the Venice area, however, would add an additional stripe next to car parking stalls to enhance their visibility and discourage parked cars from encroaching into the bike lane area.  To incorporate the bike lanes, the road would be re-striped with a full length central turn lane, one travel lane in each direction plus the bike lanes and on-street parking on both sides.  No parking would be lost.
The project had come before the VNC in January where the Board directed that their Planning and Land Use Committee review it and make a recommendation.  Due to a busy schedule, that committee was unable to take up the matter, causing months of delay.
After discussing the proposal and hearing input from local cyclists, the Task Force members recommended supporting the modifications to Main Street as So a task force was formed to review it and make a recommendation.
proposed and requested some enhancements.  Those included providing signs to alert motorists to watch for bikes before opening car doors into the bike lane and adding way-finding signage to assist cyclists in locating destinations and bike routes near to Main Street.
The Task Force’s recommendations will be forwarded to the VNC Board who will take up the matter at a future meeting.  If they support the project, another outreach meeting could be held to assure that the concerns of merchants and locals are being considered.

We are excited at the prospect of a bike lane that continues south to the Venice Circle but feel strongly that the DOT and the Council Office hold at least one more widely publicized meeting to assure that due diligence is paid to the community process.  We feel it crucial that every thing is done to assure that this project is a success as it could well impact prospects for all other roads diets that we want to see happen here in our city as well as in Los Angeles.

We will keep you updated on future meetings.



Presidential Commendation for SAMOHI juniors for Bike it! Day

A Presidential Commendation from President Barack Obama has been awarded to Samohi juniors, Jenna Perelman and Charlotte Biren.
This rare honor is for environmental leadership of Bike It! Day and excellence in student achievement.  The US Environmental Protection Agency described their work as ” inspiring” and “motivating others through their example”

Jenna and Charlotte are co-presidents of the Samohi Solar Alliance, the biggest club at Samohi.

Both walked into the SMMUSD School Board meeting last night as part of the Samohi Solar Alliance. They were highly excited;  ready to receive a School Board Commendation to their organization.

The Board Commendation to SSA was for initiating and leading Bike It! Day at Samohi, and across the SMMUSD District. (Bike It! Day is now a California leading environmental and bike effort in every Santa Monica school and across the District)

They knew the School Board Commendation was a big honor; fifteen other Alliance members were there to receive their certificates.
The Presidential Commendation were announced after the Board Commendation ceremony.

It was a deeply stunning surprise. A highlight moment for bikes, the environment, and two wonderful Samohi students. Santa Monica Spoke has supported Bike It! Day from the outset and really helped build it up to what it is. Thanks!

Congratulations Charlotte and Jenna!

Richard McKinnon
Bike it! Day Chair


Charlotte & Jenna with some history on Bike it! Day
Also covered in the Santa Monica Patch
Bike it! Day info, invitation letter

Meeting with SMPD, City Staff June 20th

Come meet the new SMPD Bike Liaison, Sergeant Thomas McLaughlin and Deputy Director Lucy Dyke to talk about bikes, SMPD relations and the Santa Monica Bicycle Action Plan now nearing completion.  Come, give your input, ask questions.  Join us at Santa Monica Spoke as we work to make make our community more livable and bikeable.

light refreshments served

DOOR Prize Raffle –  win a u-lock

Date: Monday, June 20th
Time: 7:00pm
Place:   502 Colorado Blvd. (corner of 5th and Colorado)