Organizing Successful Bike Trains, Safe Routes to School

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Walking school buses are popping up everywhere, but have you seen or heard of a bike train? Starting a bike train, a group of children and parents who ride to school together with other families, is a great way to get students actively commuting to school from farther distances. Bike trains have the same underlying principles as walking school buses but forming a consistent, sustainable bike train that allows students to safely bicycle to school while parents, teachers and administrators rest easy, requires a deft balance between organization, encouragement and training. This webinar hopes to tackle those hurdles and leave attendees with the tools to either tune up their current bike train or start one anew!

This webinar will focus on success stories from Tampa Bay, Florida; Portland, Oregon; and Washington, DC that will provide insight from the nuts and bolts of grassroots organization to bike trains that are arranged and endorsed at the multi-school level. Presenters will highlight their unique programs but also outline the steps necessary to create and organize a bike train that will make a difference and the tips and tricks to keep them running smoothly.

There will be an opportunity for questions and answers at the end of the presentation.

The webinar will broadcast at 1pm EDT, Thursday, May 5 and will last one hour.


Kiel Johnson, Bicycle Safety Educator, Bicycle Transportation Alliance (Portland, Oregon)
Jason Jackman, Program Planner Analyst, Center for Urban Transportation Research (Tampa Bay, Florida)
Parrie Henderson, Parent Organizer, Mt. Pleasant Peloton (Washington, DC)
David Cowan, Program Manager, Safe Routes to School National Partnership (Denver, Colorado)



This webinar is part two of a six part webinar series by the Safe Routes to School National Partnership that focuses on bicycling and Safe Routes to School.

Thank you to the SRAM Cycling Fund for making this series possible.
For more information please contact Dave Cowan at

**Recording of this webinar will be available at within seven days of original broadcast. Past webinars and tipsheets can also be found at this link.




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