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I think you’ll agree we can put this one in

the WIN column !

Arrival early morning.  All 8 trees, over a dozen flower pots, astro turf, tables, chairs, freebees donated by REI and Cynergy Cycles,  etc….. BY BIKE

Setting Up

We had such a wonderful Day in our “Park”

The Park Is Open, The Parking Spaces In Front Of Swingers Never Looked So Good

Free Bike Valet

Bike Parking And Valet Is Setup

Look for Video of our park being transported by bike and photo gallery of our Swingers location, as well as a full write up!

It’s been a busy weekend!


It’s all about



Getting people out of their cars and interacting with the city and the people, places and things around them.  To celebrate this we are putting up a “Park” with free Bike Valet right outside of Swinger’s Diner!

REI and Cynergy Cycles have donated free bike tune ups that we will raffle off using your free bike valet ticket.  We have freebees donated by REI and Cynergy is sponsoring our “park” with rolls of quarters for the meter!  SWEET!

Bike, walk, skate…. on down to see us!

At our “park” we will “park” your bike for free!  You can hang out with us or go on in to Swinger’s and have a meal.

Friday September 17, 8am till 5pm