Monthly Archives: September 2009

Santa Monica, Go for Gold!

Joe Linton and CICLE, or rather C.I.C.L.E. have weighed in the dispute about the Bronze Award for Santa Monica: More specifically they issue a recommendation in 5 points:

1 – Establish Measurable Goals for Increasing Bicycle Transportation (read: BIKE COUNTS)

2 – Build Better Relationships between Police and Bicyclists (read BIKE THEFT, EDUCATION, TRANSPARENCY)

3 – Extend the Bikeway Network (read BIKE BOULEVARDS)

4 – Increase Bikes-on-Buses Capacity

5 – Host a Series of Ciclovía Street Festival Events (read COMMUNITY CYCLING AS A FORM OF ENCOURAGEMENT)

Great suggestions, – and to facilitate this (and such important issues as bike parking, bike programs at the schools, and educate the beach path cyclists to become safe urban cyclists) it probably needs one or two full time bicycle coordinators at city hall.

Read all about it here.